Thursday, 17 April 2014

My post for today is I don't have enough time to post today

But I did want to share what I feel is the single, best blog post I have ever read.

It has had 12 million views & been shared half a million times & this is just not enough.

It is for people who feel they are victims.
It is for men who can't get a date & wonder why women don't want a 'nice guy' like them.
It's for people that immediately seek to discredit anyone that criticizes them.
It's for the keyboard warriors that have opinions on everything without having produced, tried or experienced for themselves.

It is basically Dr. Phil's new Life Code book (which I have read, and loved by the way), all rolled up in to a two page article without the consumer needing to read it in a Texas accent & all the Southern good ol' boy analogies.